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About Us


Founded in 1998, Evo2k is a consumer electronic brand which integrates research and development, design, production and sales. Evo2k represents a brand that insists on thinking from the perspective of users, and the products are designed with high aesthetic and practical value.

32 years of growth has enabled Evo2k to become strong in the consumer electronics industry, and has always adhered to the design philosophy of design innovation and practical aesthetic, focusing on the new technology and environmentally friendly materials, while integrating fashion elements into product.



In addition to innovation ability, Evo2k also focuses on technical and quality strength, seeking excellent technical partners in various fields and jointly developing more competitive products.

In 2019, Evo2k Laboratory was established with 35 professional quality engineers providing technical support. For each and every product of Evo2k, it will go through the quality inspection of Evo2k Laboratory before being delivered to the market, so as to ensure that the product can maintain excellent performance in various use environments.

At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth sale of products to all parts of the world, we conducted the localization certification for different products in various countries with a view to ensure that the quality of products can pass the tests in all countries in the world.